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About Listraor

Listraor, a family owned and managed group of companies, is named after a farm in Ireland that was in the family for over 350 years.

The Listraor Group, which was formed in 1994, focuses on designing and building unique and exceptional projects in quality locations throughout Metro Vancouver.

Meet the team

Craig Rowland

Craig Rowland


Listraor’s founder and principal has a background in architecture, city planning, development, and construction that stretches over 40 years. Craig oversees Listraor’s overall direction. His primary day-to-day roles involve acquisitions, financing, design direction and city approvals, but one can also find him pursuing the little details that make Listraor homes distinct.


Chris Rowland

Chris Rowland

Vice President

Growing up in and around the Listraor office, it was inevitable for Chris to enter into the family business. He has a deep- rooted passion for quality design and architecture combined with a keen business acumen, and oversees all the day-to-day business activities of the company. Chris handles project coordination, design, construction, marketing, sales and customer service.


Gord Moore

Gord Moore

Construction Manager

Gord Moore oversees all Listraor construction activities and is always pushing the envelope – seeking opportunities for improvement with every project. Construction is in his blood; growing up in a construction family, he has a lifetime of expertise and brings a keen interest in making great projects even better. He demands the best from himself and his site personnel to ensure buildings that will stand the test of time.


Focus on Design

Great design – enabled by Craig’s background in architecture and city planning, and Gord’s years of construction experience – is paramount at Listraor. The focus on design begins with site selection, as a prime well-located site is fundamental. Home sites, which are chosen for their livability, are always in established neighbourhoods. Homes are designed to fit the sites and land forms, to maximize available views, and to make efficient use of the allowable floorspace. Most homes are ground- oriented, providing everyone with their own front door and outdoor living areas.
To help us achieve our objectives of great design and quality construction, we hire respected architects, landscape architects, interior designers, and engineers. Your Listraor home, with its timeless, comfortable interior and beautiful, durable exterior, will hold its value for many years to come.

Quality Construction

At Listraor, we pride ourselves on quality construction. We don’t think anything says this better than the fact that Craig Rowland, our President, used the Listraor team to build his house. The same framers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, engineers, and other team members who build all quality Listraor homes built Craig’s home.

Construction TECHNOLOGY

All Listraor homes are built using the latest construction technology. The latest advancements have changed the way that building exteriors are designed, which is especially important for our West Coast climate. All home undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet our high standard.



We use the same high-quality materials in all Listraor homes. This includes the things you will easily notice, such as solid-core interior doors, wood exterior doors, solid wood cabinet doors, hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, carpeting, granite counters, and stainless steel or integrated appliances.

Design Professionals

Each Listraor project is carefully designed by a team of well-qualified talented professionals. Our team includes architects, landscape architects, Building Code specialists and fire safety experts, as well as numerous engineers (structural, geotechnical, acoustical, mechanical, and electrical).


You can rest assured that your Listraor home is worry-free with our 2/5/10-year warranty backed by Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada.

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